Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A little farm house

So where did you guys grow up? I grew up on a farm in hartsville, tn where my family raised

tobacco and cattle for a living. Most of my summers were spent dropping sticks, cutting and

spiking tobacco. I spent a little time in the barn hanging the tobacco to dry but not

much....up in the loft of the barn is no place for a young teenage girl with teeny bopper

shorts and dirty old men below handing up the tobacco. I didnt spend "most" of my

summers in the may have been just "some" of my summers......nevertheless, when

I think back, it seems like every single summer day I was out in the "backer" patch.

My parent's little farm house is prettiest this time of the year when all the daffodils are

blooming. Here are a few pictures to share with you from my droid...they are unedited, but My

pc is still sick.

Congrats to Amanda Moore for winning the Mark Hand picture oldest daughter Chloe and my youngest Stone are both left handed.

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