Friday, October 28, 2011

I know you have already seen a ton of pictures from the Fall Strawberry Patch Barn Sale, but they were all done by an amateur photographer named Christy Jo....Ha.  I want you to see these from a local photographer, Holly Witchers Andrews.....She is a young mother with loads of talent who happens to live in my area.  Somehow I found her (prolly on FB) and was immedietly impressed with her artistic eye.   There are a lot of photographers around, however, for me, it isn't just about the subject you are shooting.   It is about capturing the surroundings with just the right angle whether created or manipulated.  That's what I like in a photographers work..with her, I found that.  Leave me a comment here, on my FB page, or on Holly's FB page, and you will be entered to win a  free session (sitting fee only) with Miss Holly.  See for yourself and tell me what you think!  BTW,  I am slowly regaining my feisty-ness, so be ready!