Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A little hiatus

I know, I know..... I will prolly have to rebuild my entire blog following because I haven't posted in a year.

I have been a little preoccupied, not in the "ditch" but I can say I haven't had a lot

to say.....soooooo, I haven't said anything.  I am not one to engage in idle chatter, therefore I am

sure not going to do it on my blog. 

I had someone approach me the other day who shared with me her opinion about how others in my

community perceived me.....without going into much detail, if her opinion is correct, the perception others

have of me is definetly not what I want it to be.  Our conversation left me remembering that sometimes no

matter how nice, good, polite, or accomodating you try to be, for some (thankfully only a few), it will never

 be enough.  It is has never been easy for me to accept critism, however, one can always learn from it if you

choose to....you can't change THE world, all you can do is change your OWN world.  So for me, I am going

to  focus on what I can do better and not worry about what others can do better.  Here is a  snippit of the

Fall  2011 Strawberry Patch Sale....the last one to be hosted in my back yard...Frown...but a much better

 location awaits us for the Spring!

christy jo