Friday, November 26, 2010

Dreamin of Weenies

So, I went shopping today on Black Friday--i actually think it's a first. I am no shopper--I get overwhelmed really easy and find it much more relaxing when there aren't so many choices--like Goodwill, where you can just, sorta, sift. That is a much more relaxing experience for me. My sister, who has been in from England since last Friday, and my dear friend Delanie went with me. I must admit, we had a wonderful day. There is a picture I took of a sign that I want to post but it will have to wait til another day--my care reader is still under the weather--It said, "I am dreaming of a weenie."It's not what you are thinking , I promise. Prolly not a sign you would see hanging in my bedroom though. lol. I will have pics soon, pinky promise. Thanks for reading! Hugs--kiss the ones you love (and the ones you don't.)

By the way, this is the vision I have for the The Strawberry Patch. Check these guys out--they are absolutely amazing and I hope to visit one of their sales in the near future!

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  1. Christy,
    Excited about your blog! I love your creativity and fun spirit and wishing you lots of fun with the Strawberry Patch in 2011!