Saturday, March 5, 2011


So you know I have been working on "lady in red" for my Spring Sale which, by the way, is right around the

corner.  I love this fabric by Anna Maria Horner that I chose for her.  For furniture pieces I recover for my

own home, I buy whatever type of fabric I want....lace, cotton,satin, burlap, polyester.....whatever I like

lol....I make no qualms about it. I don't take into consideration how long the fabric will last because chances

are, I will be WAY tired of it before it ever has time to wear out.

Well, I can't use that philosophy when doing pieces for others....not everyone gets bored as quickly as I

do so the fabric must be durable....So being my little confident self, I decided to ask Anna Maria Horner how

well her home decor fabrics hold up on furniture. Remind you she has been my idle since I first met her in

1997 in Knoxville Tennessee while at college. Anna Maria owned a little shop called "The Handmaiden," and

I think I spent my life's savings there.....I bought her handmade clothes, painted furniture, jewelry name it, she made it, and I bought it. I still have a stool and a jewelry box she made....I bet I

could get a lot for them on ebay since she is now a world renowned fabric designer.

Back to my original thought....anywhoo, so I got on Anna's website looking for her email address when

suddenly I noticed she had her studio number listed. I said to myself, "I will call and leave her a message."

I dialed the number, NEVER expecting anyone to answer, then I heard, "hello." Well, you would have

thought someone dropped a bomb on my noggin because I suddenly was speechless. I felt myself trying to

work up my most sophisticated accent (that was a disaster........Note To Self: there is no way to rid yourself

of your ridiculous hick accent so don't even bother.) Once I got the lump out of my throat and the rubbish

from the bomb off my head, I proceeded with my questions. About halfway through the conversation, I

decided to ask, "is this Anna Maria?" "Uh, well duuuuu, who do you think this is?" Just kidding, she didn't say

that but I am certain she was wondering which turnip truck I fell off of. She talked with me just like I was her

neighbor....just the way I remember her.  She said her velveteen fabrics would hold up nicely on my "lady in

red"....ahhhhemm. I still tremble thinking about her answering that phone.....she is my hero.

A piece I am working on...I start by layering lots of paint. This piece was off white to begin with and then I added lots of color to create a vintage, time-worn piece. 


 This is the drawer for the above piece.  I was in a playful mood and I love the word "nest." Did I tell you I 

found another word I will be adding to my mental dictionary and plan to pull it down as needed?  

REVERIE-which means daydream. You must check out this facebook page. ....great inspiration for vintage 

style photographers.

I love painting frames.  My talented handyman built this frame using a modern frame (the inset) I had stashed in a drawer and wood siding off an old house that was torn down in town.   This, as well as the piece above, will be available at the Spring Sale (April 28th-30th).

I love the patina on an old chippy piece of furniture. I try to recreate this patina on my pieces.  Aren't the 

colors on this old chair "candy for the eyes"!!!!

I am thankful for my Stella...she sticks by me wherever I go.  She found her a little nest in this picture frame.  

I don't know if I have said thank you lately....but, THANK YOU.  Thank you for taking the time to read my 




  1. I have the exact same tall medicine cabinet (and the drawer) as the style you pictured. I love what you did with the aging and painting. It'd be awesome to see them as a set if we could get a drawer for yours.

  2. Hey Jennifer....I actually have the drawer....I just didn't have it in for the picture. Lol

  3. Hey - You are too funny. I have to tell you - I went to a book signing here in Nashville and met Anna Maria. I felt the same as you. It might as well have been Madonna or someone. I was totally star struck and I'm sure I didn't say anything near as eloquent as you!

  4. Thanks for this post. I read it a while back, and tucked it away in the back of my mind till I was ready to buy more fabric. (Hi, I'm a fabric hoarder and have been on restriction:) I was looking for some fabric that I would love to make some kid's clothes out of. Particularly something that everyone else I know isn't using to sew clothes with. I hadn't heard of Anna Maria Horner before and am looking forward to buying some of her fabrics. Thanks again.