Thursday, April 12, 2012


It's just about that time!

 Grab yo friends, yo moma, yo daddy, yo sister, yo brother, yo girfriends, yo boyfriends, yo wives, yo husbands (fa show NO! jk jk).......

Grab yo Airstream, yo Camper, yo pinto, yo tent, yo box or whatever you need to catch some zzzzzz's.....

Grab yo cart on wheels, yo little red wagon, yo shopping bags, yo u-haul truck (yup that's what I am talking about) or whatever you need to get yo loot back home......

Grab yo good time slippers, yo good time tinny shoes, yo good time stiletto heals (that's what I will have on....he he) yo good time barn boots or whatever you need to maneuver around Starlite Farm.....

Cuz we gonna have some hip shakin, booty breakin, hog hollerin kinda fun....btw, I have been having 

some CRAE CRAE dreams about hogs, just ask my handy man...Ohhhhhhhh, I just had an "Ahhhh 

"Haaaaaaaa" kinda moment....I have been dreaming about hogs because we are going to smoke a pig on 

on the farm underground to make some tastey BBQ for the Sneak Peek....Maybe PETA won't show up. 

With over 25 juried vendors from across the state of Tennesse, this Barn Sale is destined to be the best 

one yet!

April 26 Sneak Peek/Early Bird Buying: 4p-7p $10 admission

April 27 & 28: 10a-6p free admission

1272 Starlite Farm
Hartsville, TN  37074



  1. Christy,
    I`m looking so forward to meeting you and all the vendors there! Can`t wait!

  2. this is so cute! i wish i could see it in person!


  3. Just wanted to let you know that I just did a quick post on your barn sale. I will also put it on my facebook. Take a look if you have a minute...Thanks, Amy

  4. Just saw this from Amy's blog... Have purchased from her on Etsy... WOW... Really "need" to try to come to this! Every barn sale I see is so far and now FINALLY one reasonably close!! Will try!

  5. Hello there.
    Amy sent me over to say hello! I am a new followr of yours. Glad to get to know you! Enjoy your Sunday!

  6. You are SO funny! I'm in NY and I was reading that like a true Southern gal!!!

    My friend, Amy, asked if I would stop by and say hello! HELLLOOOOOO!

    Hope you all had a spectacular time!


  7. Saw pics of your Barn Sale on Amy's site - All Things Home - it looked so AWESOME! Wish I was closer!