Monday, August 8, 2011

A tricky Balance

A tricky balance.....that's what maintaining your sanity is all about when you have three kids, a dog named

 Stella, a guinea pig named Heidi, and a Barn Sale a few weeks away.  So, off to work I go.....

Well, I worked for a while, but then, I took a little trip to Oregon.....Portland, Oregon, that meet a

 new friend....a new friend I met on the internet....yeh, i know, a little weird.  Not really though, kinda smart.

 It is called Networking....networking with gals that love to do what you do...CREATE.  This gal and I were

 separated at birth....I know we were.  Our lives are almost identical, for the most part....same experiences,

 good and bad.  Same dreams, same goals, same everything.....we connected on every level imaginable.  Is

 that meet someone on the internet yet connect on so many different levels?  Maybe I

 should  give Internet Dating a shot......just kidding, seriously.  Check her out, you won't be

 disappointed....Lindsey Frankus, aka The Farrier's Daughter.

Anywho, I am about to let the cat out of the bag on a different level ...this is my haven, this blog,

 right?....Only my peeps who are interested in what Christy Stone is doing come here, right? I can say what I

 want on here, right?  I am as transparent as the water in the Caribean, right?...always have been always will

 be.  I don't pretend, never have, never will.  Here it goes, I am getting a d.i.v.o.r.c.e.   You may have

 wondered what all the past allusive posts have been about....well now you know. 

On a sunnier note, I am doing good....don't want a pity party, girl drama, or anything like that.....I just

 wanted my peeps to know first hand the truth, not just what may or may not be floating around.  You have it

 and that's all I have to pointing fingers, just an admission of truth.  Now you know why I have been

 neglecting you guys for the past three months.  I will survive....I know  that for sure!

Now tell me, who is excited about the Fall Strawberry Patch Sale?....ME! has taken me a while to get

 there but I am THere.  Those guys in Battle Ground, Washington, at Barnhouse really know how to put on a

 show and  they  played a humongous role in getting me THere....I have a long way to go to stand up next to

 those guys, however, I am giving it all I got.....ALL I GOT! They prefer a much more monochromatic look,

 which  is so  clean and pristine it is hard to describe.....there ability to pull 1000 vendors (well not that many)

 together who are equally  talented in creating an atmosphere that sweeps you away, is

 undescribable....each vendor there is on  the same page......very impressive.  I will leave you with some

 pictures of this amazing experience....Note: my camera went dead about midway through the show.....what

 more could you expect out of me?

I have more pictures, but for now, this is to work on my pieces of furniture!

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  1. I love you and am so proud of you! I can't wait for your sale!