Friday, April 1, 2011


So I mentioned on my Strawberry Patch FB page that my sewing machine had been giving me some major

fits lately....well, it all had to do with my bobbin thread.  I am use to using the prewound bobbin so when I

ran out of those lovelies, I tried winding my own....uggggh, not a good turnout.  In fact, I was doing a lot of

shouting that day....glad all the kids were back in school (for many different reasons).  BTW, I think going to

school all year round might not be such a bad idea.  I don't know about your kids, but mine are bored to

death after being home about two days.  Nice little intermentent breaks might work better than a long drawn

out one. 

Anywho, the local paper is comiming to my house today to do a story on moi....Terri Lynn

Weaver, our local representative, wanted to feature artists in the 40th District on April 5 at the State Capitol

and I was chosen, amongst several others, to submit a piece of my work.  So today, the newspaper will be

interviewing me about this upcoming event.  I called the girl from the paper this morning and asked her if I

could keep my ballcap on with my pigtails....she told me that would be perfect.  I also mentioned that my

house was tornadic (nothing unusual) and that she absolutely, under no circumstances could take any pictures

of me......I told her I would email a picture of me from one of those days I fixed up.

Those of you that know me

know that I am not real big on getting fixed up just to get all nasty....when I show up to pick my kids up at

school, I often get some odd know what though, that's just me...I prefer wearing my pj's all day

long....I prefer my pigtails with my baseball cap....I prefer no makeup.  My job doesn't require me to get

spruced up every day so I am going to take full advantage of that!

Did I mention I picked up my computer

this morning...I should be good to go with a steady flow of blog posts for about three years....and then my

puter will probably crash again. 

Look at Lady in Red now!

and more fluffies......


  1. Lady In Red look AMAZING!!!! Is that a bench made with picket fence?? I love it!!

  2. WOW!!! That just rocks! Beautiful! :)

  3. Oh my, I soooo wish I could be at the sale! If only I could fit inside the box of goodies I am sending your way!