Monday, April 11, 2011

A Funky Piece

Normally, after I finish a piece of work, I have to forget about it for a few days and then go back and look at it to decide if I like it.  I am my own worst critic, and it's like I have to play games with my own mind....mentally, I have to forget that I created the piece, and then decide if it meets my approval.  Do you guys do that with the things you create or am I just an odd duck?  This piece is an exception...when I finished it, I knew I loved it.  I am kinda wanting it for my house but I will give my loyal shoppers first dibbs...and then if none of you take it home, I will find a little corner for it in my house. 

Once I get her knobs on, she will be one slick puppy! If you haven't already, go here and leave me a comment about what you are most excited about seeing at the Spring Barn Sale....then you will be in the running for one of Alicia Raney's spectacular paintings!


  1. love this piece. cant wait to see more at the sale!!!

  2. LOVE that piece! Its already one slick puppy lol,knobs will take its coolness over the edge:)

    Ok here is my official comment to put me in the running:) I am most looking forward to the Barn Sale for three reasons, 1) seeing all the cool artful things that have been created 2) taking on the new challenge of having my own booth(yikes!) and 3) just plain being inspired by being around you, Alicia, Tracy and all the other talented artists for three days! :) which will no doubt have me looking forward to the next sale before this one is even over!:)

  3.'s one of your coolest yet! I still adore that desk though! :) are soooo right. I'm already thinking about the fall sale! This is way too fun & I feel so blessed to know you guys & be part of The Barn Sale. Ok, I will try to quit with the mushy gushy stuff. LOL