Monday, July 11, 2011

Have you ever found a piece of land where the moment you laid your eyes upon it, you knew it was where

you were meant to be?

                Well, I found this piece of land about five years ago early one morning while the kids and

I were doing our weekly search for wildflowers. Back then, I loaded up my shovel, the kids (still with bed

head, sleepy eyes, and pj's) and we headed out to the countryside of Macon County hitting every dirt

road we could find.....we didn't know where we were going, we just drove. This was during a time when

Chloe didn't know what it meant to be lost....thank goodness because me and my babies got lost more

 than once...... it's ok though.....I live in a town where it's ok to be lost. 

We drove around for hours looking for

anything blooming....weeds to you, flowers to me. I dug up every

 wild fern I could get my eyes on....every clump of wild phlox I could get my hands around.....and every wild

 hydrangea I could get my shovel up under....almost all of my flowers at my first home were a result of these

 journeys with my babies. We crossed creeks that were to deep to cross, we pottied in the middle of the

 road, and we drove on forsaken territory all to find a few wildflowers to call my own. These days I don't get

 to do kids would panic the minute I seemed a little confused on my directions.

The past two weekends we loaded the kids up on the gator, 4 wheeler, and trail wagon and we hit

the creeks and back roads....the back roads where my little taste of paradise favorite plot of land.

 I don't want much of it....just a few acres.....

then I would build me a little farmhouse on top of that little hill that

overlooks the little creek below.

Tobacco fields to the left and right....

barns in the back......

Everything I need to

make my world complete.

There is one small isn't for sale. So if you recognize where my little

taste of paradise is, help me convince the owner he has something with my name written all over it.....some


We had a wonderful time with the kids....they played in the creek.....swam....and built a fire....good, free fun!

Chloe and her friend Emily

Miss Stella

stone and his buddy Charlie

Do something adventorous this weekend.....we are headed back to the creek again...maybe the owner will

 show up while we are there so I can beg and plead with him!

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  1. I love driving out to Macon County, except those days that I get lost. I'm kinda nervous then! Once I was so lost on Hwy 80 between Carthage and RBS. OMG, no phone signal, 9pm at night. Scared! Then....finally I saw a sign for Hwy 52! Alright! I knew exactly where that was!

    The property you're drooling over is lovely!