Saturday, July 2, 2011

A little Help

 Note: i just did a full post and lost it is a generic version....

I think I may hire a full time assistant to take care of all my internet communication....not really but I could get

a lot more done if I did not spend so much time on this thing.  For one day I tried not checking anything on

the internet all day....I thought I would pick one time per day to handle all correspondence and not waste so

much time throughout the day doing it....well it worked great.  It worked great because the internet was

down.....I didn't have a choice in the matter.  The next day, things were back to usual....checking FB, email,

blogger, up-teen-million times each day. It does somewhat have control over me so something has got to

change.....I don't like things having control over me.....who does, right?

                                                    here are a few "almost" completed pieces....

Summer is in full force....the kids have been home now for one full month.....they are already bored to death

and ready for a change. They consider me a "bad" mom because I can't take them somewhere fun each and

every day of the week....uuuugghh!. The neighbor kids enjoy helping me....

                                         here are two areas of my garden I am in love with.......

         I can't wait to get this big dog in my house.......I know i am all over the place......normalcy for me!

I will be heading over to the real barn this afternoon to begin the official planning stages for the Fall 2012 Strawberry Patch Barn Sale....yep, we will be moving to a real barn next year.  I am sooo excited and I will take lots of pictures to share in a few days. 


  1. Yeah it's funny Bryli wishes I was more like you and your kids want you to be more like somebody else. Kids...... She would love to come over and help paint furniture lol.

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog. I love it! Can't wait to sit down and read your archives! I'll be following ;)