Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sweet Girl

Well, i got to meet the one and only Grace Bonney yesterday at the WSMV Channel 4 News Station.

My good friend Jennifer Johnson contacted me last week and told me this lovely gal would be coming to

town for an interview to promote her first book titled Design Sponge.

Being her thoughtful self, 

she invited me to come down to the station and meet this famous blogger.......awwwww, thanks Jen!  

 I guess when I meet someone like Grace, I automatically assume they will have the personality of Martha

Stewart...kinda cold and holier than thou type mentality.   Nope, not this petite girl....sweet, sweet, sweet.

  Very well spoken, down to earth type girl.....the kind of person you just wanna squeeze their little 


Anywho, I loved her and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet her....she creates different 

projects using things that are easy to get your hands on and ones that are for both the experienced crafter 

and the first times, as is Jennifer....sorry Jen, had to get that bit in!  

Now if I could only get her to feature The Strawberry Patch on her Brooklyn Based Blog.....wouldn't that

 be something! 

You never know, that's what networking is all about......I am keeping the faith!  Be sure and check back

 tomorrow I will be showcasing snippets of Jenny Helms house which is where the First Annual 

Strawberry Patch Christmas sale will be held.   Peace and Love Girls (and boys)!