Monday, February 28, 2011

Lady in Red

A few months back, a friend of mine called and said she had bought a house that was full of junk....she

wanted me to come take a look at it.  Actually, I blogged about it here.  One of my favorite pieces i

found was this beautiful couch I will refer to as  "lady in red."  The curves on her are stunning...she has a low

back which gives her somewhat of a mysterious modern edge. 

Today, I began working on her.  I painted the woodwork french gray, in a very carefree sort of fashion.  I

am anxious to see what other colors my imagination will incorporate. I must get her to my upholstery guy this

week or else she may not be ready in time for the Spring Sale...that would be devastating! I am still debating

on what fabric I want to recover her in....linen, burlap, something funky, white, greige.......who knows?  She

needs a lot of TLC but I know it will be well worth it when she is finished with her makeover.


Oh yeh, look at my little whirly bird will soon be wired and hung in my kitchen over my island. Another fantastic find from my visit to Canton, Texas.  I promise to do a post on that soon...It deserves a LOT of attention....
                                                  Oh lovely whirly bird.......How I love thee!

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