Friday, December 10, 2010

Should I

I spent the day rummaging  through an old house in Macon County that was bought by a friend of mine as a "fixer upper."  This special friend (thanks Fellisha) called me and said she had a house full of junk and thought I might be interested in going through it........Well yeah!!!  So after my bible study and morning cup of coffee, my hubbie and I headed down an old country road.......and we kept going.....and going....and going til we finally came upon on old farmhouse with a couple of recliners on the front porch---my kinda house to go rummaging through......a hoarder house so to speak (note to self: me in a few years).  You can only imagine the gems we found--a truck load, and we "ain't" done yet.  It was sooo exciting, I had to call my friend Sara to share the good news with her.....though three hours away, she made it to my house in about an hour.....well, maybe she's not that far away.  Needless to say, she left the place with more jewels than moi.  Here is a little snippet of the front porch: 

  I want to leave you with a little eye candy since the front porch of that house may not be your idea of a gem.  If you haven't already, you should check out Lonny Magazine.  Their color choices are amazing and so inspiring to me.  I saw this picture on the top left, and for a second, thought it was my living room.  LOVE it!

I am starting to wonder if I should do my whole living room this color.  My significant other says no.......he is the boss, however, when it comes to decorating, I do know best.  LOL  
As you can image, the only thing about this picture that has not changed since it was taken a few months ago are those three pics on the right wall and the corner cabinet in the left portion of the picture.  The antique piece below the steps is for sale, the piece in front of the windows is for sale, and the off white table in front of the staircase is for sale--all have been moved out and replaced with more funky pieces.  Just let me know if you are interested in these pieces.  Have yourself a Merry Little Weekend.   

Love, christy jo


  1. Let's see some of the loot you brought home from the house! :)

  2. So exciting!! I love coming across hidden treasure - thanks for sharing :-)