Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Cozy Room

So I spent the day decorating a tween's bedroom.  Her mom, who owns a local boutique in town, is very talented herself and really doesn't need my assistance.   However having a boutique to manage and three young kids to raise makes doing your own decorating a little low on the list of priorities, if you catch my drift.  I must admit, I LOVE doing kid rooms... this is where I feel most in my element.  Old windows....vintage mirrors and lamps.....painted picture frames.....whimsical art.....who wouldn't enjoy putting all these gems together.  Oh yeh, I love doing up the beds......folding the sheets back, fluffing the comforter, and layering on the pillows.  Here is what I got accomplished so far...this is a work in progress and will be embellished over time. 

  Here is the completed Vintage Paper Wreath that KK and I started here.  This wreath eat up an entire vintage book plus some.....Despite this, I really like it and it looks soo good hanging above my kitchen sink. 


1 comment:

  1. I LOVE the pillows! I need more for our bedroom. :) We are planning to paint it soon, so stay tuned on that!

    Love the wreath too, I saw that tutorial somewhere online. It looks great!