Monday, December 13, 2010

I am trying to figure this out.  I tried to upload pictures for over three hours today and they would flip on their side, act demonic, and really compressed.  I finally figured out Picasso is not a good place to be uploading  from so now I am uploading to Picasso from my camera, uploading to Picnik to edit , saving  to Picasso  and then uploading the edited pics to Tiny Pics.  From there, I upload them to the blog.  I know there has to be a simpler way, but moi will never figure it out so if you have any suggestions, comments, or advise, please send them my way....I am in desperate need of all of the above.  Let's see if I can get a few more "pain in the rears" on here.

custom shirt
My ARTificiallish tree stuffed with pine cones I picked up, I mean my wonderful neighbor Janis picked up.  

I am out of here.....I am headed Christmas shopping tomorrow.....I have to have some gifts to stuff under the tree.  If you can't already tell, I am liking the word "stuff" these days.  Night Night.....Sweet Dreams.....

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