Monday, December 13, 2010

The Tree is Up

The Christmas tree is finally up.  I will admit, I was starting to wonder if it was going to happen this year....way to much going on in my little world.  I always say I am going to stop filling my plate so full, but it never fails, a new opportunity comes along and I can't pass it by.  I did win my own challenge that i mentioned here, everything in my house this year is very "artificiallish," even the tree.  The wreaths did not make it to the windows this year--no stuffing, no wreaths on windows....I wish I had the stash to buy the fresh ones.  I still have to hang the stockings above the mantel and put the garland around my front door.  Kailen and I started on one of those Vintage Paper Wreaths last night and I hope to get that finished today as well.

photo compliments of Etsy

My little shadow
 Now you see why nothing gets accomplished around here-- I get bored really easy and get too many things going at once.  Is it that multitasking thing coming out or do I have a touch of ADHD?  Do you do that?

  BTW, as soon as I reach 50 followers, I will be doing another handmade giveaway.....tell all your friends about The Strawberry Patch and what cool things we do on here.   I will leave you with a few more pictures of Christmas at The Donoho's 2010.

A wonderful lady GAVE me this multi-media art--thank you Mrs. Pat!

p.s. I wanted to share a lot more pics with you, but before I pull every hair out in my head, I am stopping.  Just so you know, I have been on here (literally) all day doing this.  I still have lots to learn and I am headed right now to try and figure out what I am doing wrong--vertical pics are loading horizontal and vice versa--sooo frustrated right now. Smiles!!


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