Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh lovely Housework

do you ever have special time with your hubbie?  Well, Vic and I use to make a trip to Nashville once a month for the weekend to go junking  and enjoy time with each, something we don't get to do very much with three jealous rug rats.  Now that we have soccer or basketball just about every weekend, our "together time" has been slowly phased out....not good on a marriage.  So I thought it was time for us to have a little "together time" tonight and that is what we are going to do.  Just the mere thought of it makes me smile, because you see, he loves junking just as much as I do.  Don't tell anyone we might do some junking though, we are getting way on the guise of "Christmas shopping."  It isn't easy convincing the in-laws to keep all three young-ins....leave the boy out of it, it's a breeze, adding him equals a chaotic evening.  Even the strongest Christian is begging for a little whiskey after keeping him for a few hours. Just kidding, well, really I am serious. Why don't you make plans for you and your special other--just the two of you---and enjoy each others company before the hustle and bustle that the holidays will bring next week.  Have a good weekend, and if you can't get out with your hubbie, make yourself one of these to add to your Christmas decor while me and Mr. Handsome go do some "Christmas shopping." 

photo compliments of Twig

                  BTW, when you are done with your sheet music tree, I would love help with this.....

and this............

                                                                          and this.......

     And when you are done with this, we should be back home.  Oh lovely housework,    how I love thee!

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  1. Thanks for making me feel better about the "state" of my house and laundry! My hubs asked last night if the dining room table could be cleaned off so we could enjoy the decorations on it for at least a week!