Saturday, June 18, 2011

father's day

what does father's day mean to you?  for me, when i think about my daddy, i am taken back to my childhood days where i remember these things.......

*sitting on his shoulders while he attempted to use the bathroom and swaying back and forth trying to get him to miss the pot ( i know, a little odd....but odd i am).

* I remember crying everytime he left on the weekends when he would not take me fishing with him

*hitting him in the face with my prized fish after jerking a little to hard when i got a bite....(most of all I remember the fear thinking i was about to get my fat fanny busted)

*I remember walking around the house with my panties and his big boots on

*him getting on all fours with me on his back trying to throw me off

*him taking me and my sister in the bathroom one at a time when we were in trouble and banging on the door pretending that was the "whooping" we were getting on the other side

*i remember him spending countless hours at Dale Hollow lake teaching me how to water ski

*him spending time working with my sister and I teaching us to play basketball

*i remember him showing up every Saturday morning while we were at his house for the weekend to bring us cinammon rolls and the big burger and fries for lunch.....all from Hardees. 

*i remember coming home at night, telling him I was home, then waiting to hear him snore again before sneaking out for another few hours of fun.

*i remember daddy taking my sister and I and all of our friends to Myrtle Beach, SC every summer and buying us virgin strawberry daiquiris. 

*i remember him making us take a bottle to tee tee in on the above referenced vacations so we didn't have to stop so much

*i remember my daddy sitting silently in the bleachers for all my basketball games taking notes of the things I needed to work on for the next game but being very proud of me regardless of how many bricks I threw up

That takes things up to about my senior year in high school.  After that, things become a

For those of you who know my father, "you always knew he was a bird of a different feather," and that is exactly how I am.  Though I am not as reclusive as him, definetly not as quite, not as thin, I am a prettier version of him.  He is my daddy and I love him so.  Happy Father's Day Pops.

My one and only painting by Artist Kelly Bentley Ash

BTW, i have two other daddies I would also like to stepfather (granddad Moe) and father-n-law (pappa).....Happy Fathers Day to you too, I love you very much!

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  1. Love your honesty...makes me laugh! Also, I knew we had lots in common, but just one more thing to add to the list...I too played basketball.