Monday, June 20, 2011

It helps having a father-n-law who likes to go junking more than me....

He managed to squeeze in one auction before leaving for Cape Hatteris (sp), North Carolina .

We were gone with them one week to Kiawah Island, then they came home for five days and then headed

back out to North Carolina this past kind of retired living. They really had to take a vacation to

recooperate from the vacation they took with my kids. 

Guess how much for the chair?  $3....yep, $3....and the throw with silk fringe was included. 

He also found two WW2 army helmets and duffle bag that I intend on cleaning up and putting in Stone's later. 

Everyone needs a father-n-law like is Christmas at my house all year round....never know what you

are going to get. 

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