Friday, June 3, 2011

70's style

By Saturday morning of my spring sale, I had a few bare spots in the "barn" that was driving me bonkers.  So guess what I did.....I started pulling furniture out of my house.  I took the dresser (buffet) out of my bedroom and a washstand out of the upstairs hallway. 

                                                             This from my bedroom.....

Leaving my bedroom looking like this for a whole month......

until yesterday......when I finished my 70's style dresser.  I think it is a perfect fit with much more storage space and not so bulky....and guess what.  I paid $35.00 for it and a matching headboard.  I still have to put the hardware on.  Deal or steal?  What do you think? Sorry, I forgot to do before and after shots....horrible habit of mine. 

Have a lovely next few weeks.  As for me and myself, I will be hanging out at the beach near Charleston, South Carolina.... I can hardly wait.  Peace, Love, and Happiness from me to you!

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