Tuesday, June 14, 2011

R & R

So I just got back from a much needed vacation to Kiawah Island, South Carolina.  It was really nice there...very relaxed atmosphere.  It was a little pricey...all the restuarants around were a little too fluffy for me, however, we drove over to Folly Beach one day and they had little dives on every corner.  I do wish I could hit the lottery so I could invest in a  tiny beach cottage somewhere.....it is ok for a girl to dream, right. 
This vacation was very relaxing for me....a time for healing, and new beginnings.....and for that I am very grateful.  While there, I allowed God to work on my heart like never before and I am satisfied with the results.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures I made while we were there......

a little in the different direction, look at this vintage shirt my friend April from UberVintageThreads gave me the other day.  I can't wait to dress this up!

Although my peonies have bloomed out, my hydrangeas are in full force...Whatcha got blooming?

I love this can....the colors are such an inspiration to me....a dresser in these colors for a child's room would be scrumptious. 

I am in all different directions all the time.  I hope this post didn't totally leave you in left field.  xo, christy

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  1. So glad your vacation was what you needed. :) The pictures are AMAZING.