Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Here We Go Again

Isn't it every other day you hear about some family being affected by the dreaded "C" word.....Cancer.  As I

was junking this weekend, I ran into a friend who told me about a friend (Terri Kemper) who had just been

diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and was given only days to live.  I met Miss Terri a few years back at

her cute little cafe, The Veranda.....she had the cutest little cafe in Hendersonville, and by far the

most delicious.  Have you ever found a little quaint cafe you just love to go to......a place you dream of going

to every week.... somewhere you get excited just thinking about it....a place where the atmosphere is so

pathetically relaxing, you could sleep there for days? Well, you should have visited The Veranda.......that cafe

was all that and more.     It was located in an old farm house that she shared with Traci Collins, who owned

One Man's Treasure.  Together they created the most succulent atmosphere.....my favorite place of all

times.....no joke.  I tell you the truth, I have yet to find anything any better. 

Miss Terri has spent the past four years devoting her time to cooking for the homeless...you heard me

right....cooking for the homeless.  So now she lays in a hospitable bed awaiting a very risky surgery that she

must have if she wants to live.  She has no insurance but the hospital has agreed to perform the operation if

she can pay "something." The hospital, for some odd reason, will not give her an amount but she is trying to

raise 2500.00 by next Wednesday, which is the scheduled operation date. 

If you could take a moment and visit my personal FB page to bid on a few handmade items some of my

friends have graciously donated for here benefit,  I know she would be most grateful.  Her faith is strong, yet

I feel we need her a little while longer here on earth. You can also go here to make a donation which goes

directly to her family. 

On a sunnier note, check out this cool junk my husband and i got this weekend while in Nashville hitting flea

markets, yard sales, moving sales and estate sales......no Goodwills this time.

                                           I have been searching far and wide for these letters.....

                                                  and for these locker baskets.....

not sure what this is but i loved the color....

I got this painting at an estate sale.....I am a sucker for original art!

   And just so you know, I have been working on things for the Fall Barn Sale (Sept. 8-10).

Funky it is. 


  1. Score!!! You hit the jackpot baby!!

    I am keeping Terri in my prayers.

  2. Awesome stuff! Thanks for being willing & open to helping others, Christy. I know Terri appreciates it. She's a sweet lady. And she makes the best chicken salad ever. :)

  3. Do you think you can fit that table in your suitcase???? That is awesome!