Friday, January 21, 2011

A Gift for You

So we have finally hit the 50 follower mark.....Yippie....Are you as excited as me.....even

though I have had to twist, prod, threaten, and bug the daylights out of you guys....we made

it nevertheless. For this giveaway, I want to give away something you want.....something I make, but you want

(within reason guys). Next thursday January 27, I will (somehow) pick a random person from those who

have left me a comment telling me what you would LOVE to have from me. So you can either comment on

this post or go over here and post something on my Strawberry Patch Facebook page. Some options for

the giveaway are fluffy pillows, a custom lampshade, picture frame, children's appliqued

shirt, jewelry, etc... You name it and I will do my best to make it for you. By the way, I

have seen enough snow, what about you? If it doesn't quit snowing, my next sale will look like this:

instead of this:



  1. I LOVE all your stuff Christy! I've been looking everywhere for some decorative pillows for my couch! Something colorful and beautiful! I would love to have one from you. You're so creative and talented! :)

  2. I think pillows are a great idea!!!

  3. I would love a shirt! I could wear it here in berlin where nobody has one like this and it would look great on me...

  4. Hi Christy! I would love a custom window pane...I am infatuated with shabby chic/vintage, and you have some of the most amazing ideas. I am so glad I joined your blog. I told my mom that we definitely have to attend the next sale!

    Kyla Slaven

  5. I'm done with all the snow too! Come on spring!!

  6. I LOVE your God-given talent! You inspire me to want to turn what my family sees as junk into something wonderful! HA! While I cannot buy that perfect buffet of yours (yet), I would love a shabby frame to put around a cross I have on the wall! :)

  7. Anything you make Christy will be beautiful!