Monday, January 31, 2011


So I am going for a more monochromatic look in my bedroom.  I found this king size bedspread with two

shams for 90.00 on ebay....I thought it was a steal. It is from the Rachel Ashwell (sp) line.   I am having a

burlap bedskirt made and when it is finished, the colored pillows on the bed will slowly be phased out ....or

that is my intentions.  Mark Hand is making me a custom headboard which I will then cover with fabric...I

decided I wanted a more modern look for my headboard verses a country feel which I felt i got from the

"porch rail."  A more modern approach is slowly starting to make it's way into my home....slowly, I said.  My

home will always be artsy/crafty/funky but I am graduating to a more mature look...yeh right.


I am very excited about a journey I am about to take but I will share more about it next week.  I will be out of

pocket for the next few be rest assured, it is with reason... I promise you will love what I will have

to share with you when I return next Monday.  Have a fruitful (My Chloe's favorite word) week.


  1. What?? No more colored pillows?? Say it isn't so!!

  2. Chloe rocks. stole my burlap bedskirt idea!!! I was just thinking about that like last week!!! Oh well, probably look better at your house anyway..... Have fun!!

  3. however you chose to decorate it will be perfect! I'd kill to be as talented as you are!