Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What a Steal

 I am going to take you guys back a few weeks.

 Remember I mentioned here, that Vic and I made a little weekend getaway to the big city of Nashville to do

some last minute Christmas shopping?  Remember I mentioned here, that I found some wonderful deals, like

really uber deals.  Uber is a new word I have learned since my blogging days....I am really not sure what it

means, but to me, it means SUPER GOOD......Thats what it will mean from here on out.....unless I tell you

otherwise.  So anyhoo, I want to share with you my uber finds from back then.  Are you ready, you may need

to sit down for these.  First, My Burlap Beauties from the Nashville Flea Market: $16.00 for all three shades.....Steal!

 Now for the Real Deal.  K, you know how much I love Anthropology, right?  I am in love with almost

everything in the store all the way down to the studs.....but, I am a bargain shopper, so when I saw these two

babes on the Clearance rack, I immediately started shoving people out of the way (well, not really.....but I

wouldof.) So, I said, "Look Vic....grab those shades for me."  He handed them to me and the original price

said 88.00.....yes, 88.00 for one shade.  However, the clearance sticker said $28.00.  Now we are talking. 

That was still a little pricey for me but I begged my sweet husband to get them for me for Christmas......and he

did.  Well, that's not the end.  We got to the checkout counter, and the beautiful little gal ringing us up said,

"your total is $31.65 (or something like that)." I about passed out...two shades for $14.00 each.  I could

hardly believe it....in fact, I gave myself a pat on the back for finding such a good bargain.  They are the

coolest ever.  Do you like them as much as me?

                                       Have yourself a cozy evening with a cup of hot coco......

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