Thursday, January 6, 2011

fresh veggies

It won't be long and it will be time for some fresh veggies here in Tennessee. I got this

photo from one of my favorite blogs, Absolutely Beautiful Things, which is in Brisbane, is summer time over there. Seeing this gets my taste buds

activated....doesn't yours. Nothing better than fresh veggies.

On a different note, my friend Janis and I made a little trip to Gallatin last week. Man, have

they beautified that square. I want to share with you a little cafe in Gallatin called

Whipporwill.  It is located right on the square in what use to be Sweeney's Pharmacy [I think I spelled that will soon learn (if you haven't already), I was not an English  Major]. If you haven't been to

the square lately, it is definitely worth the visit. Almost every square inch has been owners

have done their part in sprucing things up, the city has done their part planting lots of

beautiful shrubbery and the sidewalks have been made pedestrian friendly. It reminds me a lot of the square

in Franklin, Tn.  

I hope our little square here in Lafayette, Tn, can look like that one day.  If I had the funds, I would buy all

the vacant buildings around town and "funktify" them so it would be a little more appealing around here.  Here

are some pictures I made while visiting the Gallatin square.  I must also mention I had the opportunity to meet

Mrs. Jennifer Brown while at Whipporwill.....she is the Marketing Director over this New York style

cafe.   She was having lunch with a guy from Lafayette(coincidental) , Eric Kittrill, and his wife Athena (who

happens to be Ronnie McDowell's daughter.)

  Beautiful ladies!!!  Go on over there and have yourself a fresh, Eggplant was delicious.  Start the year out right with some fresh veggies.

Be sure and keep checking the The Strawberry Patch facebook page....I will be posting pictures of things that

will be available to you at the Spring Sale.  Last but not least, I mentioned here I would be doing

another giveaway when I reached 50 followers on this blog.  Within reason, what would you like me to give

away.......picture frames, art, jewelry, pillows, handmade soaps (etc.)  I would love your input.....but

remember, it must be shippable, so a piece of furniture is out of the question. Leave your comments here or

on the Strawberry Patch facebook page under this blog link. 



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