Wednesday, January 26, 2011


As I set and ponder over all the things I must do before the sale, my mind takes me back to that first sale I

had in May 2010.  Ohhh, the fears I had before I taking the plunge...the doubts constantly tormented me....."I

am not talented enough, nobody will come to my sale, my stuff isn't original enough.....etc." You name it, I

thought it.  I continued to pray about it and decided I would let my heart lead me...I didn't ask God to make

it successful, I asked, "God, if this is Your will for me, let it be good." I want to do what He wants, not what I

want.  You see, I don't think of myself as a confident person.  I don't like attention...It makes me

uncomfortable to get a compliment...It makes me cringe for people to say nice things about me in public.  I am

getting better but it wasn't until I realized that it is nothing I have done or do that people are's

all the work of God using me for His purpose.  Now, its easier for me to accept compliments because I in

turn give credit where credit is due......God.  So if you are out there having the same fears as I had, I say do

what Gina Bishop from Homegirl told me....Just do it.  I will leave you with some scenes from the Spring Sale


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  1. Christy, I found your site through the post you did on Shawn's comment thread... first of all, you rock for helping that lady and the dogs. I would have done the same thing, can't stand to think of dogs in the car overnight. But I'm in Honolulu, so I wouldn't have been much help, now would I? :)

    Anyway, I was looking through your stuff and saw the blue "Ball" mason jars with the metal lids from last year's sale. I am wondering if you still have any of those? I had a set from my grandmother that I used as canisters. One by one they were broken through the years and I was so disappointed to know that my aunts threw the rest of her jars down into the dump when she died. I doubt any of them made the fall unscathed, but I'd love to find a couple to just have as a memory, even though they wouldn't be hers, they would be just like the ones I used to have. Just wondering if you still have any or ever come across them.

    Ondrea Harrison