Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A little rusty tin

I promise I will not keep you as long today as I did yesterday. Boy...when I get on a roll.....I get on in a big

kinda way.

I want to share with you some more frames I will have at the spring sale. These frames are made

by my talented junk amie, Traci Collins. You have probably heard me mention her before....like here. Over

the years, I have learned a lot from this little squirt and I am tickled pink she will be putting some of her

creations in the Spring Barn Sale....which by the way is set for April 28-30...so go ahead and mark your

calendars, book your flight, ask off from work, book your hotel room, or whatever else you may need to do

to get here.

Traci uses old tin ceiling tiles to make the frames and hand cuts every inch herself. Now, if you

have ever used tin snippets, this picture alone may send you to your knees because cutting tin is no easy task.

I love the detail she puts into each and every frame and I am sure you will too.

For now, I am off to organize my garage so wish me luck.


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